The Flying Buttresses

Street Theatre, Puppets, Props and Creatures


“The Flying Buttresses were hilarious. We were in hysterics, as were their audience. At points they had so many people round them, it was difficult for them to get to the end of the street."
- Anne Bloomfield, Inside Out Theatre Events

...pitch perfect

"That was pitch perfect. I would give my right arm to have you at Big Big Comedy Bash next year!"
- Steve Rawlings, Comedian and Comedy Promoter


Hodman dodmanott and sally forth

The Flying Buttresses


Welcome to the home of the Flying Buttresses, creators of the world famous street theatre act Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth.


The Flying Buttresses aim to create the finest character-based live entertainment to be found.



Pongo- the Flying Buttresses giant baby Obobee bird



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